a dinner series event
connecting  | sharing |  inspiring | collaborating

The Humans of Columbus (HOC) dinner series event connects idealistic locals in an intentional setting meant to draw out our shared visions, uncover our collective potential, and encourage collaboration.

This ain’t your parents’ networking event.

This HOC dinner series event exists to help bring ideas and passions to the table in a collective effort to better each other and our community. We’ll discuss topics and ask questions that’ll feed your passion as we serve up connections with other inspiring Humans.

Your dreams are hungry. Feed them at the HOC dinner series event.


Hosted by some dope-ass Humans.
Come and enjoy a three-course dinner, prepared by local chefs

Generating ideas is thirsty work.
Please bring a bottle of wine, spirit, or non-alcoholic beverage

Because ambiance is important...
Ambiance curated by a decorated human

Please fill in the form below for updates.
 p.s. you may be videotaped and photographed.
This content could be used and released to the public across HOC platforms.
Email us anytime at hi@humansofcolumbus.com




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or what would you like to work toward. ex: launching a new project
ex: nut allergy, no red meat
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